Monday, April 25, 2011


It will be a lucky weekend for jobseekers as SM Supermalls hosts the Labor Day Job Fair happening on Sunday, May 1, 2011.

Spearheaded by Department of Labor and Employment Region 3 (DOLE-R3), the job fair at SM welcomes the graduates of class 2011 and other job hopefuls looking for better opportunities. It will be participated by mall tenants together with the SM Group of Companies such as SM Department Store, SM Hypermarket, Watsons Personal Care, Ace Hardware and SM Supermalls.

Through DOLE’s One-Stop-Shop Services, aspirants can also opt to apply for their NBI Clearance, Cedula, SSS Membership, Police Clearance and Philhealth membership during the affair. Likewise, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) will be conducting skills demonstration on massage as well as the basics in electrical course among others. 

In Central Luzon SM City Pampanga and SM City Baliwag will host the May 1 Job Fair at their respected Event Centers while SM City Marilao and SM City Clark will have their regular Job Fair activity.

The project is supported by the Bulacan Provincial Youth Sports, Employment, Arts, and Culture Office (PYSEACO) and the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) in Baliwag and Marilao towns in the province of Bulacan, and the City of San Fernando and Angeles in Pampanga.

Interested applicants may pre-register at the nearest Public Employment Service Office and attend the Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) to become priority applicants. In SM City Baliwag, they may also pre-register and apply for their PhilJobnet IDs at the posted booth located in front of the Event Center starting April 25. Walk-ins are also welcome provided that they have copies of their resume and picture with them. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

SM City Clark dishes out savory Turkish doner

Kapampangans are culturally carnivorous—one can easily spot it in their tables daily and during festivities dishes like pochero, menudo, afritada, caldereta and the likes. The savory goodness of meats, both red and white, appeals to their palate that it would be so easy to like other cuisines in parts of the world that also fell in love with the meat like Brazil, Germany, and Turkey.

Turkish delights are another and boast off meaty doner that is just now on town, ready to attract our meaty culture.  And as SM City Clark welcomes its another tenant, Ala Turka Istanbul Doner, taste buds will soon ask for more, redefining Middle Eastern palate more than the familiar taste of kebabs and shawarma.

The new restaurant to stop and dine with—Ala Turka Istanbul Doner, shares its theme with the richness of rotisserie, making sure meat is oozing with umami taste of the juices.  It is said, in fact, that the first doner kebab was invented in Bursa Turkey in the 19th century although apparently, roasting meat is as old as the primitive men at the onset of the discovery of making fire.

Just when you crave for barbeque, right? But what about making it a little more savory with a colorful concoction of fresh vegetables like tomatoes or onions to make a shawarma we all know? Differentiate Ala Turka Istanbul Doner.

Ala Turka Istanbul Doner takes pride of its uniquely juicy doner kebab where slices of marinated meats are rolled up to embrace the searing hot vertical skewer, releasing that yummy juice that makes the most of meat. Because it is self-basting, a doner contains the richness of the juices in the meat itself, which is made possible given that the skewer is vertical and not the other way around when one does his barbeque. But doner kebab is no ordinary barbeque, the perfectly cooked piled of meat are sliced thinly later and are paired with salad and a pita bread, making us imagine a shawarma that is not.

A Turkish doner however is no longer exclusive in the Middle East, sure reason why it is now in SM City Clark! Just as there are variations on the Chinese bun and Mexican tortilla, this equally delighting doner has similarities with other places worldwide. In Europe, for example, it is often paired with French fries, sometimes even taken as a side dish, others with flavored rice. No matter how, a Turkish doner surely appeals to meat-loving patrons.

And never forget that there is a Turkish pizza—which this new tenant claims to be its specialty: round, thin, dough bread, of course the size of the pizza, heavily raining with minced meats of various kinds. It is also drizzled with the citrusy tang of lemon juice rolled up delectably with ripe tomatoes, pungent onions, fresh parsley, and crisp lettuce. And oh, do not forget its name is lahmacun.

Ala Turka Istanbul Doner is now available in SM City Clark, located at the Meeting Place.